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Rental Fleets and It’s Benefits Provided

You can have a significant finance advantage by leasing a fleet and you don’t need to invest your finance resources to such an investment sort which continuously looses worth. Leasing fleet obtains a significant advantage to your company to divert your valuable finance sorts to other opportunities.

Actually most of the companies prefer long term fleet leasing instead of buying vehicles and take the advantages of the operational fleet leasing. Especially for the companies that have fleets vehicles, leasing fleet is a more rationalist solution then purchasing vehicles.

The vehicles in 0 km or second hand depends on what you need, are determined and purchased by Inter Rent A Car for you and being allocated to your company’s use. In this case your company doesn’t need to supply additional finance sources to provide vehicles.

With the fleet rental service;the entire costs of long term hiring car, can be declared as expense according to Income Tax Act in accordance with notification no 180. With the fleet renting solution montly invoices can be taken to expense where the price of a purchased vehicle can be expensed in 5 years.

Periodic maintaniance of all the vehicles in your fleet is being undertaken by INTER RENT A CAR.

With the fleet leasing service of Inter Rent A Car; during periodic maintaniance and/or repairing process after car accident, another vehicle is given to you by Inter Rent Car and if the vehicle becomes out of use another car is being allocated for you to use instead.

Under normal circumstances the purchased vehicle’s VAT 25%) becomes a fixed asset and combined with the cost of vehicle, it is not offsetted from the VAT where the VAT amount is being offsetted every month with Inter Rent A Car’s Fleet Leasing Service.

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