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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the rental period at least?
The rental  period is one day at least. Weekly rentals are calculated from 7 days, monthly rentals are calculated from 30 days.

Do you have vehicle delivery to the airport?
Vehicle delivery can be done in İstanbul Atatürk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport, Antalya Airport, Adana Airport, Gaziantep Airport, Bodrum Milas Airport and to all the other airports in the provinces we provide service, for 7/24. Our duty office stuff will welcome you on the day and time which you previously informed to our office.

Do you have vehicle delivery directly to the address?
Delivery of the vehicles can be done to your address according to the eligibility situation of our offices, upon your request.

What if I want to extend my rental period?
It is possible to extend the rental period if the information is provided to our office 24 hours before the rental period ends, and according to the availibility of the vehicle.

Are the cars insured?
Yes. All our vehicles are under the assurance of  CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and Mandatory Traffic Insurance.

What should I do in case of the car, I’ve rented has malfunction?
You have to call our office and inform us A.S.A.P then our mobile service will come shortly to where the event occured and the problem will be solved by them. When long term repair is needed (if not the failure is because of  the driver) a new vehicle is provided by Inter Rent A Car.

How should I do the payment?
While the delivery of the vehicle is being done you can make the payment by cash or credit card.

What should I do in case of traffic penalty?
All responsibility and traffic penalties belong to the lessee which can be raised because of not obeying the traffic rules. The time that will pass because of holding the vehicles for any reason by official or local authorities is accepted in the agreement period. If the lesslee is exposed to any traffic penalty during the rental period, while turning back the car to us, he/she should submit the traffic penalty receipt, proving the penalty was paid by himself/herself or should paid the traffic penalty receipt directly to our authorised stuff.

How does the delivery done?
Our vehicles which are being inspected by our stuff together with the lessee, are delivered and taken back with a delivery report.

How do you deliver and take back the gas tank of the vehicle?
The amount of the filled gas is recorded to your rent contract and it asked to deliver back more or less with the same amount.

Should I ask my rented vehicle to be delivered and to be taken back from/to the airport?
If you inform us about the landed city name, name of the airway company, departured city name, approximate landing time or flight number, our authorised office stuff will welcome you in the airport and deliver your vehicle.

Could someone else than the lessee, drive the vehicle?
It is possible to drive the vehicle by the person other than the lessee, only if the ID and driving licence information of the other person is recorded to the rental agreement at the beginning of the rental period. Otherwise any other situation that may occur and/or in case of an accident all the insurances will be unvalid and either the lessee or the other driving person will be the responsible of all, both seperately and together.

Things needed to be done in case of an accident occured in parking position : The very first thing that the driver should do in case of an accident occured in parking position is; he/she should ever move and/or change the position of the car and apply to the nearest Police Station to explain the situation then the Scene of Accident Decleration Report plus Detection Report should be kept. After these reports are being kept, the copies which has a stamp of  “like the original” should be taken from the police station. After all these procedures, if the accident occured in Istanbul or in one of the close regions to Istanbul, the vehicle should be brought to our Technique Service. In such kind of accident mentioned above, in order to carry on the insurance operations without any delay, mentioned reports above, attached with the copies of the driving licence and vehicle licence should be reached to us.
If the accident occured outside of Istanbul, nearest Inter Rent A Car office should be informed about the situation.

Things needed to be done in case of an accident occured during course : Accidents occured during course should not be understood as if only collision with an another car. Except the fact  that a bouncing stone caused the vehicle’s glass to be broken during course, damages caused by any substance falled down onto the vehicle, damages caused because of spoilt road, damages caused in case a hit to a living creature are these types of damages mentioned above. In such cases, the very first thing needed to be done is; without spending time and ever without moving the vehicle, nearest security units such as police and gendarme should be informed and accident plus alcohol reports should be kept then without spending time  it is required to inform the nearest Inter Rent A Car Office. If the vehicle is outside Istanbul you should contact with our nearest branch.

The very first thing, the driver should do in case of any  striking accident occured is, without getting into panic, to check the health status of himself/herself or the other people in the car if there is any.
Then again, without spending time and without ever moving the car he/she should inform the nearest security units such as police and gendarme. The copies of driver and vehicle licences belong to the the car or cars  involved to the accident and the issued accident report plus alcohol detection report should  be brought with the vehicle to the Technique Service to where Inter Rent A Car offered. If the vehicle is outside the Istanbul it should be contacted with our nearest branch. All the documents should be presented completely. Otherwise all insurances will be unvalid and any damage occured, including the tangible and intaglibe losses of third parties are going to be charged to the lessee.

Things needed to be done in case of theft :
Things to be done in case of theft is, the lessee should apply the nearest security unit station and theft report should be kept.

Besides, without spending time you should inform us by calling from +90 212 663 6 665 or 0555 988 88 78

Afterwards if the car is stolen in Istanbul and any region around Istanbul, the key and the vehicle licence should be brought to Inter Rent A Car Office immediately. If the car is stolen outside the Istanbul then you should contact with our nearest service parther to deliver the key and vehicle licence.

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