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General Rental Terms and Conditions

Driver Licence and Rental Age Restrictions
23 years old people, who have one year old driving licence can hire B-C-D groups vehicles. Conditions to hire A, L,M and X groups are 27 years old and 2 years old driving licence is requested. 

Rental Period
Minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Long Term Rental
Minimum rental period is 30 days. To have information regarding rent fee and conditions please call our office.

One-way Rentals
In case of a return of the vehicle in another city, regardless of rental duration one-way fee is applied. For more information regarding the wages please call our Reservation Centre or our Sales offices.

Substitute Drivers
It is possible to drive the vehicle by the person other than the lessee, only if the ID and driving licence information of the other person is recorded to the rental agreement with an upcharge at the beginning of the rental period. Otherwise any other situation that may occur and/or in case of an accident all the insurances will be unvalid and either the lessee or the other driving person will be the responsibles of all, both seperately and together.

Delivery Delays
Up to 3 hours delays while delivering the vehicles, 1/3 of rental cost per hour written on the agreement is upcharged. Delays for more than 3 hours, the rental cost per one day written on the agreement is upcharged.

All the official documents which belong to the vehicle (Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate, Motor Vehicle Traffic Document, Insurance Policy, The plates,) and the key has to be returned to the lessor while delivering the vehicle back by the lessee. In case the lessee does not return the documents back, he/she has to pay the rental cost to the lessor until the documents are being turned back, in case of loosing the documents the lessee is obliged to pay all the expenses in order to re-organize the new documents.
In case of any event occured, whenever the vehicle is confiscated or holded by authorities,
whether the lessee is faulty or not, all the expenses in order to take back the vehicle, is charged to the lessee.The lessee is obliged to pay the rental cost of the vehicle during this period.
The fuel expenses of the rented vehicle belong to the lessee.
During the rental period or after returning back the vehicle the lessee confirms that the lessor will not be the responsible and the lessee will not ask for any demand due to the loss or defat of any object left in the vehicle by the lessee or someone else.
The lessor has the right to ask to the lessee for the expenses of all damages and for the period the vehicle neglected of the job if it is not bacause of the lessees flaws and negligence.

The total rental cost is charged by cash or Visa, Master and/or any other known credit card at the beginning of the contract.

Traffic Penalties
All the responsibilty and traffic penalty is the lessee’s liability arising because of not complying with traffic laws.
Regardless of any reason, because of the vehicle is being kept by the official or local authorities the time that will pass, is included to the contract period.

1)The vehicles which will be hired, are under the insurance of Compulsory Financial Liabilty Insurance by the lessor, in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act. The lessee accepts and confirms in advance to pay the difference, if the worth and compensation, response to the damages and losses on the rented vehicle and/or third parties exceeds the insurance policy limits and/or remains out of the insurance coverage. If this matter is under the provision by a court decision, again the lessee agrees and confirms to pay to the lessor, the parts that exceeding the limit together with the interest applications mentioned on the written copy of court decision.
Points apart from the insurance coverage : The points mentioned below are apart from the insurance coverage and the lessee agrees and confirms to pay to the lessor the financial and moral damages and lossess that can be occur in such cases below;
a)In case the driver does not have driving licence.
b)In case the driver who has the licence is under the effect of alcohol, drug or any other substances.
c)In case the engine of the vehicle burns due to the carelessness and misuse of the driver.
d)Altough it can be compensated by taking the accident report, in case the report is not taken and egzost, catalyst cartel explosion etc... that is noticed during the periodic maintenance because of the sub-pulses.
e)In case the report on the split of tyre is not taken and in case continiuing to drive on the bursted tyre so the tyre, rim and wheel cover becomes useless.
f)In case the damage to the furniture and other parts, loss or theft of radio - stereo, stepne, and other set of tools such as accessories (windows, headlights, wheel covers, etc.) which is delivered with the vehicle.
2)In case the vehicle totaly becomes useless the lessee agrees and confirms to pay the rest amount when the vehicle cost which the insurance company evaluated, is decucted from the total junk vehicle cost.
3)The lessee will inform the lessor a.s.a.p. about the subject in case of accident, theft, hijack  that occured anyway and will perform the precatuions and  processes mentioned below.
4) The lessee agrees and confirms to confirms to cover the financial and moral responsibilities and all damages and losses due to the fact that the accident, theft and hijack documents are not provided or delivered
a)The lessee will not interfere to the vehicle in any case.
b)Without moving the vehicle the lessee will apply to the nearest Police and Gendarme Stations and accident and alcohol reports together with accident determination report should be taken.
c)Photos of the vehicle or vehicles should be taken which involved to the accident.
d)Driver names, addresses, copies of driving licences, insurance company name providing the optional traffic and vehicle CDW insurance and policy numbers if possible of any other vehicles involved to the accident..
e)Documents mentioned below related to the accident should be delivered to lessor latest in one  day after the date accident occured.
f)The lessee should deliver the documents such as records, statements and other documents requested by the lessor, which defines the situation, latest in one day after the event occured in case of theft or hijack.

Important notes ; In case of accident and theft; accident, theft and alcohol reports should be kept by applying to the nearest police of gendarme station  without moving the vehicle. Otherwise all purchased insurances will be invalid and any kind of damage occured  including the financial and moral losses on 3rd parties will be collected from the lessee.

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